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West Virginia Transplants
West Virginia Transplants
I talk with eleven people from across the United States and Canada who decided to put roots down in West Virginia. Hear them explain why, what they think of WV, and what they would change.
West Virginia Transplants, by Justice Hudson. Photo shows a hand with a plant with the state of WV behind it—courtesy of Justice Hudson

Interviews were conducted at the end of April 2023. Thanks to Shanna, Lyz, Lauren, Courtney, Joe, Amanda, Caroline, Aidan, Josh, Corbin, and Melissa.

A full transcription, with time stamps,of the interview written by me can be found by clicking here.

Music used was found royalty free.

Intro and outro—’Tokyo’ by FSM Team ft <e s c p>, break music—’Technology’ by 2Tech, ‘Gentle Breeze’ by Purrple Cat, and ‘Sleeping Cat’ by Purrple Cat ft Mujo.

This is my third ever podcast, and the first time I’ve tried conducting interviews over the phone. I have learned a lot from this experience. Despite the many audio issues, I am proud of this project and excited to share it!

The idea came to me for an ‘audio mosaic,’ where I would ask people the same questions and splice their answers together. It took a lot of work to get to a somewhat decent product, but I think I’ll be doing more of these in the future.

I hope you all enjoy.


Justice Hudson

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The Hudson Editorial

The Hudson Household Editorial

I hope this will become a series of conversations with elected officials, community leaders, and normal Appalachian citizens, about issues impacting the City of Wheeling, the state of West Virginia, and the region as a whole.