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Wheeling Votes '24: The Race for Ward 2

Wheeling Votes '24: The Race for Ward 2

Sadly, we will not hear from any candidate in this ward. However, we will hear a few things about each person running for Ward 2 city councilor.

Wheeling Votes 2024, Episode 9: The Race for Ward 2 — Ben Seidler, Carlee Dittmar, Melissa Rebholz.

Wheeling Free Press was unable to conduct interviews with any of the candidates for Ward 2 city councilor; however, candidate Carlee Dittmar did agree to an interview, but had to cancel it due to health concerns. We were unable to schedule a make-up interview with Ms. Dittmar before our deadline.

The Intelligencer did interview two of the candidates for Ward 2.

Wheeling Free Press is committed to telling you stories you otherwise wouldn’t hear, so we are deeply upset by the lack of candidate response in this ward. Still, in this episode we go over the candidates who will appear on the ballot.

Next episode we’ll meet Connie Cain, candidate for Ward 3—my home ward. Ms. Cain is the only candidate who responded to our request for an interview from the ward which is doubly upsetting as a member of the press AND a citizen in this ward.

Make sure to check out our interviews for mayor, linked below!

  1. Carl Carpenter

  2. Beth Hinebaugh

  3. Rosemary Ketchum

  4. Denny Magruder

  5. Chad Thalman

  6. JT Thomas

And check out my interview with Anthony Edmond for Ward 1.

Thanks for listening and supporting my work!

Photo of Ben Seidler used from The Intelligencer. Photo of Carlee Dittmar used from Mountain State Spotlight. Photo of Melissa Rebholz used from her Facebook page.

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